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We are so grateful for the help of our volunteers and the time they put into the Houston Open. Our volunteers not only help create the best golf tournament on the PGA TOUR but they are an integral part in helping the Houston Open raise money for local charities. 

Below are guidelines volunteers should follow:


  • Be positive and have fun!

  • Each volunteer will wear a uniform specific to their committee. Details regarding uniforms and distribution are posted on the volunteer site. No jeans allowed. When you are wearing your Houston Open uniform please remember that you are representing the tournament regardless if you are on or off duty. 

  • Abstain from consumption or use of all alcohol, tobacco products and illegal substances while on duty. Volunteers who do not comply with this policy will be DISMISSED IMMEDIATELY. Having drinks in the volunteer tent after your shift is permitted.

  • Do not enter corporate hospitality venues unless you are off duty, not in uniform and have the appropriate ticket for that venue.

  • Be punctual. Give yourself enough time to park, shuttle, and check-in before your shift. If running late or if you are unable to attend your shift, please call or text your Committee Chair.

  • Volunteers are expected to work their entire assigned shift unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance with their Committee Chair or Hole Captain.

  • If you are unable to assist a guest, avoid answering with "I don't know." Instead, inform the patron that you will have to find that information out for them and promptly track down the answer through the appropriate channels. 

  • Be sure you are courteous and respectful to all individuals and maintaining a professional level of conduct at all times. The Houston Open staff and Committee Chairs will dismiss a volunteer from their responsibilities if a volunteer is disrespectful, rude, or continues to display a poor attitude.

  • Report any emergencies to the appropriate authorities after first taking immediate action to ensure the health and safety of yourself and then the individual.

  • Do not engage in any inappropriate contact or relationship with players, sponsors, volunteers or other participants of the Houston Open.

  • Respect property belonging to the tournament and its sponsors at all times.

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