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Standard Bearers***

Committee Chair: Jason Papale

Standard Bearers***

Volunteers will follow a group of golfers during their round of play, inside the ropes. Your primary responsibility will be to show the gallery who is playing in the group and to display their scores in relation to par on a cumulative basis by carrying a standard sign presenting the information.
- A basic understanding of golf scoring and golf etiquette is required. Shifts are outside and in direct sunlight and the elements. Volunteers must have the ability to walk 18 holes while carrying a 5-pound sign.

Standard Bearers must be available to work at least two shifts on a weekday (Wednesday-Friday), or one weekday (Wednesday-Friday) and one weekend (Saturday-Sunday) shift.

Volunteers are needed Wednesday, March 27 – Sunday, March 31
Age Requirement: 14+

***Restricted – Due to the limited number of volunteers required for these committees, only those who have worked on this committee between 2019-2022 or have met with the Committee Chairs directly can sign up for restricted committees.

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