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Competition Support - ShotLink Mobile Spotter

Committee Chair: Bill Scott

Competition Support - ShotLink Mobile Spotter

As ShotLink transitions into its most recent development (ShotLink 2.0), the LBO role will transition as well. Under Competition Support, the LBO and Spotter committee will now merge and become one committee – ShotLink Mobile Spotters (SMS). This new committee is essential to ShotLink being able to collect and distribute real time scoring and statistical data. ShotLink will now feature a PGA TOUR On-Course Scoring Tech on each hole. Under the leadership of the Scoring Tech, the ShotLink Mobile Spotters will help locate and flag shots that miss the fairway/green, assist with ball flight from the tee, and relay pertinent information to the Scoring Tech such as penalty situations, obstructed shots, and detailed from locations. This new role will help deliver real-time distance data and statistics to be immediately computed and distributed to Scoreboards, TV, Internet, Gaming, and Mobile Applications. Volunteers should have a basic knowledge of the game of golf and a commitment to timeliness, accuracy, and attention to detail. Effective teamwork and communication are essential in this role. All Mobile Spotters should be physically able to walk around their assigned hole for the duration of their shift in potentially varied weather conditions. Quickly locating shots not in view for the Scoring Tech or Camera System is a key function of this role as it is vital to be able to gain accurate insight into the location of each shot.

Requirements to be a Competition Support ShotLink Mobile Spotter:
• Must complete a short online training course.
• Must attend a short virtual or in-person training session prior to tournament week.
• Must complete ShotLink disclosure form.

Volunteers are needed Thursday, March 28 -Sunday, March 31
Age Requirement: 18+

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